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Administratia Romana a Serviciilor de Trafic Aerian ROMATSA R.A. - Activitate derulata conform standardelor internationale

Din anul 1991, anul infiintarii, obiectivul prioritar a fost si este furnizarea de servicii de trafic aerian pentru aeronavele ce executa zboruri GAT (trafic aerian general) in conditii IFR (reguli de zbor dupa instrumente) in spatiul aerian al Romaniei precum si orice alt spatiu aerian delegat Romaniei prin acorduri internationale. ROMATSA asigura:

- organizarea si realizarea dirijarii si controlului traficului aerian in vederea indeplinirii obligatiilor prevazute in Anexele 2 si 11 OACI (Organizatia Internationala a Aviatiei Civile) ale Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea informarii aeronautice in vederea indeplinirii obligatiilor prevazute in Anexa 15 OACI a Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea serviciului de alarmare in vederea cautarii si salvarii aeronavelor aflate in dificultate, pentru indeplinirea obligatiilor prevazute in Anexa 12 OACI a Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea informarii de meteorologie aeronautica in vederea indeplinirii obligatiilor prevazute in Anexa 3 OACI a Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea telecomunicatiilor fixe si mobile aeronautice cât si a telecomunicatiilor de meteorologie aeronautica in conformitate cu prevederile Anexei 10 OACI a Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea protectiei navigatiei aeriene, din punct de vedere tehnic, in conformitate cu prevederile Anexei 10 OACI a Conventiei de la Chicago;
- organizarea si realizarea dotarii conform prevederilor OACI si a standardelor stabilite de EUROCONTROL (Organizatia Europeana pentru Siguranta Navigatiei Aeriene) si LCIP (Programul Local de Convergenta si Implementare) ROMANIA.
- asigurarea sigurantei, capacitatii si eficientei operationale si economice a sistemului de trafic aerian civil, aplicarea reglementarilor specifice in mod uniform si echitabil fata de operatorii aerieni si sistemele de trafic aerian adiacente, cu respectarea cerintelor de protejare a mediului inconjurator si de securitate nationala.

ROMATSA asigura conducerea si dezvoltarea unitara a activitatilor de dirijare a aeronavelor apartinind utilizatorilor sau operatorilor, promoveaza armonizarea si integrarea in sistemul specializat european (EUROCONTROL), asigura, impreuna cu Ministerul Apararii Nationale, utilizarea coordonata a spatiului aerian al României de catre aviatia civila si militara.

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The establishment of DANUBE FAB is an essential element of the Single European Sky (SES) legislative framework, which creates a system of measures to provide sufficient capacity to serve the increasing number of flights in Europe, reducing delays, improving the safety and efficiency of service costs air navigation.


Our vision is to offer the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly air navigation services in South East Europe. "DANUBE FAB strives to make quality air navigation systems functional in order to meet the highest safety standards, infrastructure for all users, while ensuring efficient environmental sustainability.


The objective of DANUBE FAB in the airspace under the responsibility of Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria is to improve the capacity, cost efficiency of air navigation services and environmental protection by optimizing NSA delivery and civil-military cooperation in a sustainable development process, at the same time the level of safety.

Press Releases

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CCAMS Application for SSR Code Management in Bucuresti FIR, Starting With 15th of October

True to its safety standards and committed to continuously improving its capacity, ROMATSA has become a member of the collaborative, pan-European, Centralised Code Assignment and Management System (CCAMS), starting with 15th of October 2021.

CCAMS aims to overcome the current and future shortages of the Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) codes used by Air Traffic Control for radar services and provides a unique SSR code to each flight operating in the countries using the service. CCAMS optimises the efficiency of European SSR code management by introducing the dynamic transponder codes allocation, allowing the simultaneous use of the same code in volumes of airspace separated by a buffer zone.

This approach assures the optimal use of SSR codes and reduces the SSR codes shortage and conflicts in the CCAMS region.

Through CCAMS application within București FIR the SSR codes management will be more efficient, increasing safety.

It will determine also a reduction of the airborne SSR code changes, thus decreasing ATC workload and allowing for more flights to be handled.

Being among the pioneers of Mode S implementation in the entire FIR, CCAMS activation places ROMATSA within top 5 air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in Europe that have fully implemented Mode S and CCAMS, compliant with EU Regulations.


About CCAMS: CCAMS is a pan-European solution to overcome the shortage of available SSR transponder codes used by air traffic control for radar services. From a functionality point of view, CCAMS consists of a central server located at EUROCONTROL's premises. It provides a unique code for general air traffic operating in the region.

This server:

  • automatically selects and sends a code to all the units along the flight’s route, based on the information available from other Network Manager systems;
  • responds to code requests received from air traffic control (ATC) units;
  • ensures a code conflict-free trajectory for the flight, allowing the code to be retained in the CCAMS area;
  • monitors code use to ensure safe and efficient operations.
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