• Bd. Ion Ionescu from Brad no. 10, Sector 1, Bucharest
  • +40 21 2083 100

Consultation on Romania’s Revised Performance Plan for RP3 (2020-2024)

Romania will hold a stakeholder consultation in Bucharest on 25th August 2021. It is our intention to organize a “hybrid consultation”, offering the possibility for both physical and online attendance at this meeting, pending the evolution of the pandemic. The related documents and details can be found:

 - on Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority website, „ATM/ANS Domain”, section „Air Navigation Services Performance” (https://www.caa.ro/ro/pages/performanta-serviciilor-de-navigatie-aeriana),

- on the EC dedicated portal ESSKY, (https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/SSKY), with secured access;

- on the Performance Review Body (PRB) portal (http://www.eusinglesky.eu), Events Calendar section with secured access.

 Bookings for this event should be made using the following link: Web Registration Form until 20th of August 2021.