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Questionnaire "Customer Satisfaction"

Dear Customer,
                     Through this questionnaire, we want the company-wide improvement efforts to allow for the most competitive and complete specialized services, and the information you receive from completing this questionnaire is very useful for meeting the safety requirements , quality and cost-effectiveness so that our company's collaboration is beneficial to both parties.

How do you evaluate the collaboration between your company and ROMATSA?
Imagining your perfect service delivery, please appreciate how far or near our services are to you in relation to the perfect level?
ROMATSA's capability to meet its commitments (co-ordination / collaboration procedures) with your company.
Assess the quality of ROMATSA's services in relation to other air traffic service providers.
The services provided by ROMATSA are:
Have you had to use the ROMATSA leadership staff for a specific issue?
Is it easy to contact ROMATSA management staff for a specific problem?
Were you happy with how to solve the problem?
How often do you use the ROMATSA management staff to solve specific problems (in connection with specialized services provided by ROMATSA)?
Please describe the level of satisfaction with the quality of services / products provided by ROMATSA

Data about you

Thank you for your suggestions and comments. We appreciate your views and we will consider them in the process of improving the quality of our services.