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ROMATSA is partner of the eGAFOR project, co-financing with 85% through Innovation and Networks Executice Agency (INEA) - Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Call 2016. The project runs from 03.07.2017 until 30.06.2021, at the same time in aeronautical meteorological service providers from eight states: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, with CroControl as lead partner.

The result of the Project will be the eGAFOR forecast – a uniform graphical forecast of meteorological phenomena hazardous for aviation on the general aviation route network that will be available to users through website www.egafor.eu upon completion of the Project.

The total amount of the project is 1 949 000 EURO, co-financing from INEA with 1 656 650 EURO. For the activities carried out by ROMATSA, the total amount of eligible costs is 328 000 EURO, co-financing from INEA with 278 800 EURO (85%) and own ROMATSA resources allocation 49 200 EURO.