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R.A. ROMATSA participates in the implementation project "SWIM Common PKI and policies & procedures for establishing a Trust framework", a project accepted for co-financing through the CEF 2017 Transport SESAR call mechanism within the SESAR Deployment Program Implementation - 2017. Thus, R.A. ROMATSA is the only beneficiary in Romania that has obtained European co-financing through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) - the 2017 call for projects.

The value of the estimated eligible costs regarding the participation of R.A. ROMATSA within the project activities is 273,800 EURO, benefiting from 50% European co-financing (136,900 EURO).

The project benefits from the contribution of 30 aviation stakeholders (EUROCONTROL, 21 ANSP, 3 airports, 3 airlines and 2 military) and is coordinated by EUROCONTROL and SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM). The estimated duration of the project is 38 months, with a planned end date at December 31, 2021.

The purpose of the project is to develop and implement a common framework both for integrating local implementations of public key infrastructure (PKI) in an interoperable manner and for providing digital interoperable certificates to SWIM (System Wide Information Management) users. The results of the project, the common PKI and the associated trust framework, will be part of the cyber security infrastructure of the aviation systems, being necessary for the signing, issuing and management of digital certificates and revocation lists, in accordance with the requirements of the SESAR Deployment Program (DP), respectively the ATM 5.1.4 "Common SWIM PKI and Cybersecurity" functionality family. Digital certificates will allow user authentication and encryption/decryption when and if needed to ensure that information can be securely transferred. All aviation stakeholders (ANSPs, airspace users, military, airports, etc.) will benefit from the project results.

By implementing this project, the risks generated by security threats at the level of systems and data networks are reduced, for the benefit of all stakeholders in the field of aviation, and the security of information exchange is improved, by reducing the likelihood of interruption of data provision services in mainly due to data corruption. It is also facilitated and accelerated the provision and use of SWIM services by developing a solution that increases the security of information, allowing the reduction of PKI operations and related costs at local and national level, thus ensuring a more efficient functioning of the European ATM network.